Neuro Monitoring Services Limited

Specialises in offering the full range of Intraopertive Neurophysiological (IONM) techniques.

about us

Based in the North West England, and with over 21 years of experience gained at the UK’s leading teaching hospitals with renowned Surgeons. We are experienced and highly competent in the full range of IONM, Neurosurgical; both cranial and spine, Spinal Deformity; Paediatric and Adult, and Vascular.

What we offer

We provide the latest neurophysiological monitoring and mapping techniques, including TcMEP, dcMEP, SEP, frEMG, trEMG and EEG. All monitoring is tailored to the specific requirements of the procedure and surgeon. We deliver a minimum expected standard of care, set out in our protocols, based on national and international guidelines.


Functional cortical and subcortical mapping and monitoring. ECoG. Cranial nerve mapping and monitoring. D-wave. Dorsal column mapping. BCR.

Spinal Deformity and Orthopaedic

Multi-modal monitoring with TcMEP, SEP and frEMG. Pedicle screw and nerve proximity testing.


Endovascular procedures. Carotid Endarterectomy.

Service includes

A competitive price that includes all routine consumables, and a detailed report.


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Neuro Monitoring Services Limited

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